• Champagne Pink RocketMaster

  • Commander GoldTop

  • Seafoam Sparkle RocketMaster

  • Afterburner

  • Atomic Two Tone

  • Black Space Gold StyleSonic

Red Rocket creates vibe-soaked guitars inspired by the tail lights on a ’59 Caddy, the two-tone paint on a ’51 Indian Chief dripping with chrome, neon on old diners and cover art from cool old pulp sci-fi magazines; guitars that look like they are from another era but feel like a finely detailed boutique instrument made just for you. We want to make you a guitar that feels like a comfortable old friend with a rich, complex tone that inspires you to keep exploring and expanding your playing; to take what is best from the last 80 years of electric guitars and bring it together to make you an instrument that helps you become a better player.

Let us know what inspires you and what you want in your dream guitar and lets see if we can make you a modern classic.

Just imagine when you open the case, your friends go quiet for a minute, then someone says:

“Damn! that’s a nice guitar…”

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